How Often Should You Get a Massage?

Massage therapy is a great way to relax the mind and reduce stress. Additionally, it can be used to treat medical issues by helping to aid the body in repairing itself after injury and reduce the inflammation and tension causing pain.

How often you should get a massage will depend on your needs, and the reason you’re coming in for treatment in the first place. Unfortunately, there are no standard rules that apply to everyone.

It can also depend on the type of massage you receive. Certain massage techniques can be more intense than others, meaning you should wait longer in between sessions.

If you suffer from regular pain due to a demanding lifestyle, then you might need weekly treatment. People who are recovering from injury will usually require more sessions early on, with the number of sessions decreasing as the injury heals.

You might just want to relax and treat yourself to a luxurious day once a month, just because you can.

Whatever the reason, your massage therapist will assess your needs based on several factors and determine the frequency of massage treatments.

Some common factors to consider when deciding how often you should get a massage:

–      What you do for a living

–      How stressed you are

–      How tight or restricted your movement is

–      How bad your injury is

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