How Long Should a Massage Last?

Massage therapy can be a relaxing experience that you never want to end, a time to shut off your mind and forget about the world. On the other hand, it can be an intense session where your therapist is applying a good deal of pressure to try and loosen your muscles and release the tension in your body.

With so many beneficial reasons to get a massage, the duration can vary greatly from person to person. It can even vary from session to session depending on the needs of the patient, which can change over time.

To determine how long of a session you should book, you need to consider the goals you want to achieve. Different types of massage techniques can require more time than others, with some needing to be performed for a certain length before any of the positive effects are felt, such as deep tissue.

If you have a specific injury that you’re trying to treat, then a 30-minute sports massage concentrating on that part of the body might be all you need.

If you want a full body massage for the ultimate relaxation experience, then you could book a 60-minute or even 120-minute massage.

The main thing to consider is whether you want a specific part of your body worked on, such as the shoulder or back, or a full-body massage that covers everything from legs to neck.

If you’re visiting a new therapist, they will start the session by doing an assessment of your body, both physically and by asking questions about your lifestyle. This usually takes around 5 to 10 minutes and is necessary to ensure the safety of the patient. Remember to factor this into the length of time your session will last.

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