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Types of Massage Therapy

These can be discussed during the initial treatment to find which form of massage therapy is right for the individual


Remedial massage therapy is a type of massage treatment that assists in the rehabilitation of impaired bodily functions. Identifying and repairing damaged areas of the body.


Sports massage therapy is a form of bodywork that focuses on physical performance, reducing any restrictions on body so that it moves correctly during competition.


SI therapy is a massage practiced over multiple sessions, to realign posture and restore balance throughout the body, with a goal to improve quality of life.

Specialising in remedial massage, sports massage and structural integration.
Healing Hands Bodywork Therapy uses a wide variety of bodywork techniques to restore balance.

Deep tissue

  • relieve stress
  • reduce pain
  • lower blood pressure

Myofascial release

  • Improve range of motion
  • Assist tissue recovery

Lymphatic drainage

  • assist blood circulation
  • boost immune function

Trigger point therapy

  • Reduce muscle tension
  • Relieve headaches
  • Improve posture

Muscle energy techniques

  • Lengthen Muscles
  • Chronic pain relief