10 Reasons to Book a Massage

Massage therapy is no longer a luxury that only the elite can afford. Its increasing popularity has meant that people from all walks of life have discovered the benefits that a massage can have on the body and mind.

In case you needed some convincing, here are 10 reasons why you should book yourself a massage today!

1. You’re Stressed or Anxious

We all get a bit worn out by the hardships of life from time to time. A massage can help to reduce stress and anxiety by increasing the chemicals in our body that are responsible for feeling good, like dopamine and endorphins.1

2. Pain Relief

Pain in the body can stop us from doing the things we love. It can be caused by anything from sitting at a desk too long, to overusing a muscle. Studies show that regular massage can relieve pain by loosening the muscles, tendons and joints, allowing the body to relax.2

3. You’ve Got a Headache

Tension headaches are painful headaches that occur when the muscles in the neck and shoulders become too stiff. Research suggests that massage can help to reduce the pain of the headache, as well as lowering the frequency of these headaches occurring.3

4. You’re Having Trouble Sleeping

Everyone needs a good night’s sleep, that’s a fact. If you’re not sleeping well because of pain, getting a massage can help by relaxing your muscles and allowing for a more comfortable sleep. It also reduces stress hormones found in the body, like cortisol, another reason you could be kept up at night.4

5. Aid Recovery of Injury

Injury can happen at any time, whether you’re a professional athlete in competition or just doing chores around the house. Massage can help you get back to being physically fit by reducing swelling and preventing the muscle from tightening or restricting itself while healing. 5

6. Increase Flexibility

The more flexible you are, the less restricted you feel. Increasing flexibility improves range of motion and enables your muscles to work more efficiently, allowing for easier movement. It can also help to decrease the risk of injury that might occur when completing physically demanding tasks.6

7. Boost Immune System

Massage can also help to boost your immune system. The increase in flow of the lymphatic system that occurs during a massage helps to balance the levels of fluid in the body and fight off infection.7

8. Improve Cardiovascular Health

Cardiovascular disease is the leading cause of death in Australia, accounting for 27% of deaths. A massage can help improve your health by encouraging the blood to flow, increasing circulation throughout the whole body. This in turn lowers blood pressure, a contributing factor in many cardiovascular diseases.8

9. Improve Your Posture

Sitting at a desk all day can do terrible things for your posture. So can putting repetitive strain on parts of the body during physically demanding work. Massage helps to loosen and lengthen muscles that have been restricted, releasing tension and allowing you to move your body how it was meant to be moved.9

10. Remove toxins

Harmful toxins and chemicals build up in our body when the natural systems can’t efficiently remove them. This can lead to a variety of negative symptoms and cause illness. Through massage techniques, these toxins that have built up are encouraged to dissolve and be removed as waste. 10












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